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My co-author William Percival and I have come here to this little corner of the Aethernet in order to tell our tale. To spread hope to those who labour under the masters of other planets. To spread word of inventions that may help those who gather under the banner of mankinds desperate attempts to survive this age of steam.

Some of you may have already read our adventures on our website here others of you maybe new, if so welcome. However I hope you all enjoy our tales of adventure, steam, worlds beyond our knowledge, and mankinds struggle against the menace from the stars.

Our adventures are currently at chapter 36. So I will be posting a chapter ever day or two in order to catch up and then they will be posted at the normal speed of around one a week. Pictures of the inventions created by the myself will be posted when they appear in the tale.


Captain Sadeian

~Smuggler, Scientist, Steampunk Gentleman, Mechalcehmical Artisan~

(Apologies for the following but it has been made necessary by various circumstances. Legal note: "The events and characters depicted in this blog are fictitious. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. All works works within this blog, wherever they may be posted are Copyright 2007 Sadeian Laboratories. Please contact sadeianlaboratories@hotmail.co.uk with any questions e.g. requests to repost fully or in part")
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